Affiliate Marketers: Looking at why we do our jobs -

State of affiliate marketers (yes, marketers!) 2019

Did the title of this blog catch your eye? You’re probably used to seeing studies delve into an industry… but it’s less common to see one that focuses on the people behind it instead.

Well, we’re interested in the industry too. But by asking you these 20 (mostly multiple choice) questions, what we really want to know is how affiliate marketers themselves – just like you – really feel about their jobs.

Why? Because we (the AffJet team) help people in your role improve results and become more effective.

We do this by relieving pressure in the areas of the job that consume too much of your time or energy, so it’s really important that we stay in touch with what’s going on at ground level.

The survey will be nice and quick – it should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Plus by submitting your answers, you’ll be automatically entered into our prize draw to win £100 in Amazon vouchers.

The survey is now closed – Thank you for taking part. We look forward to sharing the results soon!


PS all answers will be anonymised and collated with other responses.

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